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portal axle set

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Spare Rubber Boot

New rubber sealing for Volvo C300 front wheels.
Made in year 2011 !

Price: 60,- EUR

Rubber Sealing - set 2pcs

Set 2pcs of rubber bootss for whole Volvo C300 front axle.
Ideal for your Volvo car !
Made in year 2011 !

Price: 132,- EUR / set

Special offer for offroad-prototypes

Set 4pcs for both fronts Volvo C300 axles.
Made in year 2011 !

Price: 248,- EUR / set

Volvo TGB111C 4x4

SOLD, ask us for availibility

gearbox set

4-speed main gearbox from C303 (C304)
with transmision gearbox

engine Volvo B30A

from vehicle Volvo C3-series

hydraulic arm

from vehicle Scania TGB30
max. 1250kg